About Szent

Our Sport

Everything Szent does is informed by its passion for the outdoors that lies at the heart of the sport. From products to events, from news to reviews. Szent aims to bring climbers and outdoor enthusiasts together to share this passion. We know that every climb can be an adventure, its own epic story. The compelling features and striking photography on the Szent website help reaffirm the relationship our customers have with the sport they love.

Our History

SZENT as a company was founded in 2014, but has been in Australasia under various guises since 2008 supplying XChalk to climbers and gym users. We have always had the same purpose in mind, to provide the best products, and deliver to the customer fast.

Avid rock climbers ourselves, we at Szent found that most chalks on the market were either too coarse, not giving us the coverage we wanted, too harsh on our hands, drying them out leading to cracking. On a climbing trip to the USA we came across a small locally made brand of chalk from Arizona, where it had been designed specifically to counteract the harsh conditions of the desert when climbing. This product was XCHALK, and seeing the opportunity that was present in Australia, the foundations of SZENT were laid.

The progression into the European market was a natural choice. With some of the worlds most diverse climbing locations in close proximity, Europe attracts some of the best climbers from across the globe. We are very excited to be the exclusive distributors of XChalk within the European climbing scene.

With your help, our goal is to have SZENT products stocked in stores and gyms around the world, to be a name in the industry known for the best quality, the highest integrity, and great customer service.


To all of you, from all of us here - Thank you for choosing SZENT

Andrew & Auben
Owners - Szent Climbing