Chalk for the Gym

Szent has two primary types of chalk. XChalk and YChalk. While YChalk is one of the purest and driest magnesium carbonate based chalks you will find on the market, and is perfect for those seeking the ultimate drying agent, the real story behind szent and our brand started with XChalk.

XChalk was developed in 2002 in Arizona, USA with the guidance of a pharmacist and chinese herbalist. Originally developed for rock climbing to counteract the burning sensation you get after a tough session, the formula is equally at home as your gym chalk, from heavy weightlifting to high intensity Crossfit.

The finest ingredients with the purest magnesium carbonate have been used in the development of XChalk. The fine grind helps fingers stay drier for longer, increasing grip and helping you achieve your goals, be it more reps or strength gains. The special, all natural additives can help soothe burning after a heavy session, condition your skin to make it more resilient to callouses hardening and tearing. If you do have any minor** cuts or abrasions, the natural antibacterial properties will help prevent infection. All this means XChalk is the perfect partner in helping you achieve your goals, and increasing your grip strength!

So What's In It?

Inside the base of magnesium carbonate, one of the active ingredients in XChalk is Clove. This botanical has long been used for its medicinal properties*, and some in the holistic medicine and aromatherapy fields speak of its mental calming effect as well as other amazing effects that could help athletes. This compounded with the other herbs and botanicals in our gym chalk will help heal minor** skin abrasions/scratches/cuts and also help protect these from infection, plus it smells great! BUY NOW!

** Please seek medical attention for anything other than minor abrasions/scratches/cuts

gym chalk

Why use XChalk?

- 100% Natural ingredients
- Antibacterial properties which protects against infections
- XChalk smells great
- Soothing sensation. Eases burning feeling & aids concentration
- Conditions hands for fewer rips and tears
- Superior grip. The finest grind and the driest blend

Why Szent Uses Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium carbonate, with the chemical formula MgCO3, has been used as a drying agent in the gym industry since the dawn of time. The properties of magnesium carbonate in its powdered form allow for the absorption of sweat from your hands, giving athletes a better grip on on the bar. As it is insoluble in water, (i.e doesn’t dissolve) magnesium carbonate will stay on your hands longer than other products, meaning you will have a better grip for longer when getting stuck into pull-ups or that final deadlift. Perfect for high intensity sweaty work like Crossfit or heavy weightlifting.

As magnesium carbonate is also been used as a food additive and an ingredient in pharmaceutical products such as antacids, it is safe for human consumption (Not that we are recommending you eat our chalk). It is not classed as a toxic substance, so you can feel confident that you are not sacrificing your health for some extra grip. Like any products though, if you believe you are having a negative reaction to the product, stop use immediately and seek medical attention. Refer to our FAQs for more information.